Pardes, is a Hebrew word that means an orchard. The English word Paradise derives from Pardes. It is also an acronym that was used in the Middle Ages to refer to the 4 types of biblical exegesis:

1) Pshat: simple, plain, intended meaning, straight forward explanation, in context meaning

2) Remez: the alluded meaning (reading between the lines), hint, Gematria sometimes used at this level, clue, an allusion

3) Drash: drawn out meaning, Homiletical or interpretative meaning. Uses symbolism and allegory to teach values and morals. To examine or search. The word ‘midrash’ is derived from this. The drash is an interpretation that is not explicit in the text, in other words, not pshat.

4) Sod: secret, mystical or esoteric meaning. Uses Gematria to teach about mysticism and about the realm of the divine, Kabbalah, mystery